How to swaddle your baby 

Swaddling is the method of wrapping a baby up in a breathable blanket, usually a muslin cotton blanket, to help them calm and sleep. only their body is wrapped and not their neck or head. The idea is that it will help them feel snug and secure, like how they felt in your womb. 

how to swaddle safely

  1. use thin, breathable materials. Suitable cloth includes cotton receiving blankets, cotton muslin wraps, or specialised baby swaddles. in any case don’t over layer
  2. Don’t swaddle your baby above their shoulders – their neck and head should never be swaddled.
  3. the wrapping should be firm but yet gentle (not too tightly). Tight swaddling  is not recommended you should see that their lags and hip can still move and fall into natural position once sleep. 
  4.  a swaddled baby should be put to sleep only on their front or side.
  5. if your baby seems uncomfortable remove the wrap and try a more loos method 
  6. swaddling is suitable for newborns only