tips and tricks

tips and tricks 

Things you need to know while parenting...

The fourth trimester 

after a baby is born he enters the fourth trimester. he is trying to accommodate to the new world. the nights are days and the days are nights, the brain is still developing the sight is starting to gain focus and overall what we need to do, is to give our baby the best womb like surrounding. that's why swaddling and baby wearing is so recommended. womb like, means our baby needs actual  boundaries like when he or she was in the womb. it relaxes them and gives them sense of security 

our postpartum time , in the same way as our babies, is also the time of our mommy character to take place. our hormones are high, our emotions are all over the place , our breasts produces too much milk (from the third day, which can be very painful) and our body and mind also needs to get used to the fact a new baby is in the house 

the fourth trimester will take three month. by the time those three month will go by you would fill a whole lot better, your hormones levels will drop down immensely you and your baby will adopt a daily routine (as much as a daily routine is possible with a newborn)  and in a sense you will become as one. 

Nursing- Breastfeeding

If you have decided to nurse your baby, we would recommend to give him as much nursing time as possible in the first month. an all day and night open buffet... this would help your milk supply built up according to your baby's needs which takes time and is built during the first month. It's going to be painful but hold on! after the first month it will become such an easy and heart lifting that you don't want to miss 

The chances that you don't have enough milk are slim to none. it is a very rare condition. most of us just needs to put our baby on our boob and magically the breast knows to produce the milk. the more your baby nurse the more milk you will have  

Gas - or Colic

Well, books says only portion of babies will have colic but life, and we mean actual life shows all babies will have colic. it takes usually 3 month for the colic to stop but sometimes it might take longer. swaddling during times of stomach ache  is great for those situations. the folding of the legs towards the stomach is a great way to relieve gas  

also using a sling is a great way to help a baby cope with those unwanted aches. Colic is a pain in the... but it only means our baby stomach is developing and starting to get the hang of digestion 


Well... what can we say. if you have decided to give birth to a baby you are not going to sleep much and it is completely ok!! 

on the fourth trimester babies mix days and night. after that issue is solved they will probably wake up at night every two to three hours to nurse . it is healthy for them (usually known to prevent SIDS)  it is what they need and you definitely need to take a deep breath in and go with the flow because there's not much you can do about it  

babies are unable to sleep full nights, some say they are unable to do that until they are 24 month old 

nursing at night is extremely important! don't prevent it

swaddling a baby for a night sleep is recommended for an hour or so, also co-sleeping can help you and your baby to get a better sleep at night. if you think about it we are the only mammal out there expecting our calf to go somewhere else to sleep 

for more info about swaddling please go to our swaddling page 


The only tip we can give you is don't hesitate to move up a size. it will prevent the diaper from leaking out at night 

don't use a diaper ointment on every change, it's not the best thing for their skin, always prefer washing their bum over using a wet wipe. most diaper rashes happen because of wet wipes which are great to use when you must 

While washing their little tush make sure to use your fist knuckles while washing the "bum crack" that way nothing dirty will get under your fingernails and you wont risk scratching them by mistake  

Final but most important tip

When someone asks you how are things going, try to change the subject 

we have never made a research on that but it is a known fact among parents that telling anyone that your cute baby just had a full night sleep or is healthy as can be will get you the exact opposite... ;)  so if good things are happening just, shush! don't say a word! you will thank us for that tip